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The Atacama Desert is one of the most impressive and unique landscapes in the world.

Crammed full of secrets and mysteries, this region of Chile invites you to discover the magic of nature and its polar extremes. The driest desert in the world, the altiplanic villages, towering mountains and imposing volcanoes are all vital parts of this fascinating area.

Small towns with a great history, such as the saltpetre factories or San Pedro de Atacama, as well as the surrounding areas, full of attractions such as the Atacama Salt Flats, the Valley of the Moon and the Taito Geysers, make this region a truly unforgettable destination.

There is also an amazing Licanantay culture that remains the beating heart of the region, with its mind-opening rituals and traditions that can transport us back to ancient times in the blink of an eye.

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In the largest ocean in the world, bathed by the lapping waters of the Chilean Pacific, you can find incredible volcanic formations: the Pacific Islands.

Each one has its own characteristics and treasures; the Juan Fernandez Archipelago, with its endemic flora and fauna; Easter Island with its unique cultural development led by the Rapa Nui people; and Mocha Island riddled with the Mapuche culture´s myths and legends, and birthplace of stories, such as Moby Dick.

We invite you to embark upon an adventure like no other, in the Chilean Pacific territories and experience for yourself the great variety of attractions they have to offer.

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The eternal constants of Chile; the young Andes mountains and the interminable coastline, are located on opposite sides of the country. They keep their incredible secrets close, whispering them only to the wind.

The Andes Mountains, with their volcanoes, lakes and impressive valleys, contains jaw-dropping landscapes, huge peaks to conquer and volcanoes, sizzling with sulphur. The Coastal Mountain Range has beautiful natural oases, such as Palms of Ocoa National Park, and important mountains such as Cerro Roble, where you can see the ocean and the Andes Mountains at the same time.

Also, ski centres, trekking, bird watching, blue and starry skies are just some of the things you can experience here.

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Nestled between mountain ranges and rivers and in the middle of our great nation, we find the Central Valleys, the most fertile lands in the entire country.

These verdant valleys, abundant in vegetation, have sustained different cultures, such as the Mapuche, Aconcagua, and Diaguitas. One of these valleys went on to become Chile’s capital, the mighty Santiago, which is now one of South America’s most cosmopolitan cities with a thriving arts scene, world-class museums, historic barrios, and exceptional restaurants.

The other central valleys, such as Colchagua and Casablanca, are where most of Chile’s excellent wines are grown and produced, as well as other varieties of fruits and vegetables.

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Overflowing with verdant forests, steaming volcanoes, and turquoise rivers and lakes, the Lakes District is the Chilean version of Shangri-La.

The Lakes District is one of the best places in Chile to enjoy outdoor sports due to the wide variety of landscapes, like white water rafting on glacier-fed rivers, fly-fishing, hiking through ancient forests or up the side of volcanoes, rock climbing, kayaking, wildlife sightseeing, and much more.

This region is also one of the best places in Chile to see evidence of how German immigrants in the 1800s brought their traditions and customs to their new home, with German-esque houses in quaint towns, German food like kuchen and sausage, and plenty of good craft beer!

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Known as the end of the world, Patagonia invites you to explore the southernmost landscapes, towns, and cities on Earth.

Surrounded by mountains, forests, ice fields, islands, fjords and rivers, you can be assured that there is something for everyone. The Patagonian wilderness is home to, without a doubt, some of the most spectacular scenery that you will ever witness, such as Torres del Paine National Park, where you can experience an endless list of activities, including bird watching, seeing glaciers, sailing, trekking, climbing and kayaking.

The oldest cultures from the region were once nomads, known as Yaghans. These people traveled in canoes through the Straits of Magellan, carrying fire with them wherever they went. This is one of the reasons why the Darwin Mountain Range is also known as Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire).


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